Our Mission

Rescue_Remedies_LogoRescue Remedies is an Internet-based dog rescue based in South East England. We help mainly death-row dogs from council pounds in England and Wales, and although we accept any misunderstood breed we specialise in working-type terriers and bull breeds.

We support our dogs to build self-confidence, trust and new skills and match them to stable, caring families.

Our specialist knowledge is reflected in our focussed websites:

We are trying to raise £900,000 to obtain our own rescue centre. Meanwhile, we work out of boarding kennels, with some fosterers caring for our dogs. We are under intense pressure, and work with compassion and speed to find our dogs their forever homes so that we can help the next dog in need. We are grateful to our partner kennels and vets who support our work, and the volunteers who give their time to transport, foster, photograph and walk our dogs.

Our core team is run entirely by volunteers, ensuring every penny we receive from donations has a direct impact on our dogs, whose welfare is paramount. We not only save their lives, but do our very best to find them the right home. We support new families with ongoing advice, and with two weeks’ notice will always welcome our dog home should circumstances change.

We need your support to fund our ongoing kennelling costs, and to help us save for a home of our own.

Thank you!

We provide a unique dog-centered level of care, and ensure everything we do upholds the values of our Gold Seal standard.

We are:

  • Honest: Information about each dog is available on our public forum, and is updated frequently and honestly by our volunteers.
  • Thorough: Our adoption process ensures safeguards for our dogs and their potential families. We use our expertise to match the needs of the dog to the whole family’s needs, skills and lifestyle. This involves a thorough and frank discussion about the realties of each individual dog.
  • Responsible: We are guardians for our dogs and not only work carefully to find them the right home, but also counsel for on-lead management at all times. This is for the safety of the dog, and to offer other dogs their right to personal space. This is especially important in a prejudicial, intolerant climate against bull breeds and terrier traits.
  • Generous: All volunteers give of their time and pay their own expenses, and other supportive measures directly for the dogs. No one receives salaries or expenses. The only expense paid is for the dogmobile’s diesel for essential Rescue Remedies transportation and occasional bills like essential large postage.

Our dogs are at the centre of everything we do.

Without exception, they are:

  • Never exploited by breeding: All Rescue Remedies dogs are neutered with the exception of puppies which are homed responsibily with the commitment to neuter at their right stage of maturation. No Rescue Remedies dog will be used for breeding.
  • Cared for: Donations go directly to payment of vet and kennel bills and essentials such as microchips. All our dogs receive a 7 day course of Panacur to eradicate lungworm in case it’s present.
  • Supported for their entire life: Rescue Remedies stand by their dogs for their entire lives and offer free advice. Our dogs must come back to us if their homing breaks down, receiving them back within 2 weeks notice. All Rescue Remedies dogs are homed with a Rescue Remedies tagand the Rescue’s details on their microchips, should their owners not be contactable.
  • Given peace only if absolutely necessary: We rarely need to offer Peace and then only when advised by our vets to ensure safety and avoid prolonged suffering. We ensure each dog’s dignity is maintained. We then offer with great love and apology for their humans who during their lives failed to understand or meet their welfare needs.

Dogs saved in 2015

  • Saved from pounds 72%
  • Returned 14%
  • Surrendered by families 9%
  • Taken in from other Rescues 3%
  • Offered safe passage from Police/Social Work kennels 3%

Dogs rehomed in 2015

  • Staffies 51%
  • Terriers 25%
  • Crossbreeds 5%
  • Mastiff X 4%
  • American Bulldogs 3%

When my owner could no longer afford to keep me, Rescue Remedies stepped in to find me a new home, making sure my new family would understand my needs.


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I support Rescue Remedies because I know that every penny goes directly towards saving a dog’s life.


New Malden, Surrey

My elderly owner could no longer care for me, and I was scheduled to be put to sleep. I’m no spring chicken myself, but thanks to Rescue Remedies saving my life, I’ll spend the rest of my days in devotion.


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Rescue Remedies accept terriers for what they are, never labelling them. They’re one of the few rescues that takes dogs with a bite history.


Denmead, Hampshire

I support Rescue Remedies for being the champion of the underdog; the true friend to the terrier, the Staffie, the Mastiff and all the other dogs that struggle to be appreciated for who they are.


Farnborough, Hampshire

I was tied to a lamppost, abandoned and terrified. Rescue Remedies took me in, restored my confidence, and found me a loving new home.


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Rescue Remedies opens its heart and wraps its arms around every dog in its care, regardless of their breed or past, giving them the chance to be the best they can be, to find their happy forever home.


East Grinstead, West Sussex

I was a stray in a council pound. Rescue Remedies saved my life, gave me the medical attention I needed, and found me a terrier-friendly family.


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On Sunday 19th June, a team of Rescue Remedies volunteers ran the charity tea tent at Milford Farmers’ Market, raising £150. Jennifer Giles, who organised our participation, said: Not only did we raise £150, we spoke to a lot of people, and many were interested... read more
New Online Shop

New Online Shop

We’re excited to announce the launch of our online shop at http://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/rescueremedies, where we earn 20% commission on each item sold. Check back often to see new items and designs, as we’ll continue to add new products – and be... read more
Staffie Rescue video

Staffie Rescue video

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Bacchus Half Marathon 2016

Bacchus Half Marathon 2016

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Brighton Marathon 2016

Brighton Marathon 2016

Our supporter Ros Clark is a runner in this year’s Brighton Marathon, and is raising money for Rescue Remedies. You can sponsor Ros at her Virgin Money Giving page. Ros says: I am running the Brighton Marathon on behalf of Rescue Remedies, a wonderful dog rescue... read more